Tuesday, November 29, 2005

(culture) shock

I'll be posting my new pics in a few days (it's so hard to upload pics when you're on the move) --- that, and i'm enjoying just chilling right now.

Had my last day as a tourist in DC earlier, checking out the Capitol, absorbing the lovely arworks in the National Gallery of Art and well, exploring the Botanical Gardens. Had a lovely time riding the Metro, getting "lost" along downtown and having some downtown time with Cha for dinner. Thanks for the great time and fabulous accommodations, girl! Anytime you're in Pinas, lemme know! :-D

+ + +

In less than a week, i'll be shifting from cold weather to really hot weather, trading my greens for pesos and well, shifting back to another form of reality altogether. It's weird, all this change.

People think just because i seem to move around so much, i'd be used to it, but i'm not.

Oh well.

+ + +


kay said...

haay, i can relate. i've been traveling literally all my life, and it never gets any easier.

i'm always coming and going and leaving so much of myself behind, you know? my life is so fragmented because of all the traveling.

wanderlust junkie said...

i agreee!!!!!!

travelling is like leaving something of yourself with each place you visit or go to. It sucks cos by the time you're done or at one stable point, you're exhausted and just not really sure what's become of you....

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